ARC Insights: Escalando la Gestión del Desempeño de Activos a nivel empresarial

ARC descubrió que el 17% de los encuestados no logran escalar APM en diferentes activos de la misma planta, independientemente de los recursos. Un asombroso 53% de los encuestados también indicó que sus implementaciones de APM eran capaz de ser escaladas, pero no sin un enorme esfuerzo y demanda de recursos. Aprenda más de los resultados de la la encuesta de escalabilidad de ARC en este reporte.


Rethinking Asset Performance Management - A Conversation with AspenTech's Ron Beck

In this podcast, AspenTech's Ron Beck discusses rethinking Asset Performance Management with ARC Advisory Group's Peter Reynolds.


Successfully Executing Digitalization and Sustainability Initiatives

Industry is adopting AI/ML tools to find new ways to execute, become more efficient and increase value from assets in response to market changes.

White Paper

Delivering on the Promise of Prescriptive Maintenance

Leading asset-intensive companies are using prescriptive maintenance—powered by AI and machine learning—to unlock the value and productivity lying uncaptured in assets. Using a scalable, easy to implement prescriptive maintenance solution, companies can improve the accuracy of failure detection, increase the advance notification period of asset downtime events and reduce maintenance spend.

Case Study

OCP Ecuador utiliza el mantenimiento prescriptivo para identificar con precisión las fallas de los activos y reducir sus costos de mantenimiento

En este caso de estudio, descubra cómo OCP Ecuador utilizó el mantenimiento prescriptivo para identificar con precisión las fallas de los activos y reducir los costos de mantenimiento. El retorno de inversión inicial se triplico en menos de cinco meses. OCP Ecuador tiene previsto ampliar Aspen Mtell para proteger 13 activos adicionales en un futuro próximo y planea ampliarlo a toda la empresa en los próximos años.

Case Study

OCP Ecuador Uses Prescriptive Maintenance to Accurately Identify Asset Failure and Reduce Maintenance Costs

OCP Ecuador is a midstream oil and gas company that transports, stores and ships crude oil. With assets installed in remote locations along its 485-kilometer pipeline, the company needed a maintenance solution that would enable them to predict and prevent equipment failures before they occurred. With Aspen Mtell® prescriptive maintenance, the company can now continuously monitor its critical assets for impending failure, using both process and mechanical data.

On-Demand Webinar

Empower Data Science Teams to Solve Complex Reactor Problems with Aspen Mtell and Aspen ProMV

In this webinar, the second in our series of Asset Performance Management (APM) webinars for data scientists, learn how APM applications help data science teams rapidly design and scale new solutions. See how complex and time-consuming tasks such as feature engineering, state classification and best model selection are greatly streamlined—without building customized tools. AspenTech expert Ashok Rao focuses on solving complex reactor problems in the chemicals industry. Learn how Aspen Maestro™ for Mtell and ProMV® enables you to:

Case Study

OCP Ecuador usa manutenção prescritiva para identificar falhas de ativos e reduzir custos de manutenção

A OCP Ecuador é uma empresa midstream de óleo e gás que transporta, armazena e embarca óleo cru. Com ativos instalados em locais remotos ao longo de seu oleoduto de 485 quilômetros, a empresa precisava de uma solução de manutenção que permitisse prever e prevenir falhas de equipamentos antes que elas ocorressem. Com a manutenção prescritiva Aspen Mtell®, a empresa agora pode monitorar continuamente seus ativos críticos quanto a falhas iminentes, usando dados mecânicos e de processo.

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Balancing Energy Security, Affordability and Sustainability

Disruptions in energy markets, lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict in Europe – all have added to the Energy Trilemma. Digital solutions are playing a critical role in identifying pathways to address the dual challenge of meeting the growing need for energy and resources while reducing emissions.


Digital Operating Strategies

Pratibha Pillalamarri, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, APM Solutions at AspenTech sits down with Shaun Johnston, Vice President, Digital Consulting at Wood after their panel discussion at 2023's ARC conference

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