Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Maximize margins and achieve sustainability goals with improved production performance and value chain resiliency.

See how Manufacturing and Supply Chain helps close the gap between planning and operations to reduce margin leakage, reduce energy consumption and emissions, improve product quality and asset utilization and sustain peak performance by adapting to changing conditions.

  • Optimize production plans and schedules to increase throughput and margins and reduce emissions.
Video: Introducing Aspen Unified - Next Generation Planning & Scheduling

Aspen Unified™, The Next Generation of Planning and Scheduling

View this video to learn how Aspen Unified brings planning and scheduling together in one environment to improve decision making for increased margins. Discover how you can automate routine tasks, suc...

Webinar: Consider the Planning & Scheduling Gap Closed - the New Aspen Unified V14

Consider the “Planning & Scheduling Gap” Closed – the New Aspen Unified V14

In a rapidly evolving global market, energy and chemical companies are always looking for ways to squeeze the most margins out of operations—and meet planned targets. New innovations in planning and s...

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Brochure: Aspen Unified

Aspen Unified™

Aspen Unified is the next-generation planning and scheduling solution that enables companies to increase margins and save time by coordinating siloed business processes for better efficiency across th...


  • Dynamically optimize multiple units in closed loop and sustain optimal performance to ensure energy efficiency and maximize margins.
Video: Meet AVA, Your 24/7 Aspen DMC3 Virtual Advisor

Meet AVA, Your 24/7 Aspen DMC3™ Virtual Advisor

Aspen Virtual Advisor (AVA) for DMC3™ is the quick-thinking, time-saving virtual advisor that APC engineers and process unit operators can turn to for expert advice and real-time insight into your APC...


On-Demand Webinar: Improved Advanced Control Performance using DMC3™ Calibrate, featuring ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil has used Aspen DMC3 Calibrate on a wide variety of both refining and chemical units. In this presentation, ExxonMobil’s APC experts David Hokanson and Roger Hall reviewed successes and bene...

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Webinar: How Heide Refinery Maximizes Middle Distillate Profitability with Dynamic Optimization

How Heide Refinery Maximizes Middle Distillate Profitability with Dynamic Optimization

As one of Europe’s most complex refineries, Heide Refinery looked to optimize its entire middle distillate system to maximize product quality and reduce giveaway. Given recent market volatility, Heide...

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  • Automate workflows and processes to improve execution and performance.
Interactive Infographic: AURA - The Next Gen Production Accounting Solution

Reduce Material Losses and Increase Margins With Fast, Efficient Mass and Volume Balance

Make better decisions based on validated and reconciled production data with Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting (AURA).

Interactive Infographic
Case Study: Saudi Kayan Leverages AspenTech Solutions to Optimize Batch Operations and Quality

Saudi Kayan Leverages AspenTech Solutions to Optimize Batch Operations and Quality

Read this case study to learn how Saudi Kayan improved efficiency, productivity and visibility into plant operations and product quality with AspenTech solutions.

Case Study
Infographic: How are you keeping up with growing demand?

Keep Up With Growing Demand with Aspen Production Execution Manager™

Accelerate time-to-market by executing work orders faster, accurately and consistently with Aspen Production Execution Manager™

Interactive Infographic

  • Respond to change with agility across the supply chain network, optimizing capacity, maximizing profitability and reducing waste and emissions.
Webinar: Enabling Agile - How Hexion Uses Sales and Operation Execution to Enable Business Transformation

Enabling Agile: How Hexion uses Sales and Operations Execution to Enable Business Transformation

Agile has traditionally been used for software product development, however, it can also be applied as a key enabler for supply chain transformation. Hexion, a global specialty chemical company, has a...

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Video: Maximize Supply Chain Resiliency with Optimized Downtime Scheduling

Aspen Plant Scheduler with Mtell

Watch this video for an introduction of how Aspen Plant Scheduler and Aspen Mtell work together to predict and minimize the impact of downtime

Webinar: Driving Supply Chain Resiliency Through the Smart Enterprise and End-to-End Optimization

Driving Supply Chain Resiliency Through the Smart Enterprise and End-to-End Optimization

Faced with new levels of complexity, disruptions and pressure to meet customer demands, chemical supply chains have been tested as never before in recent years. In addition, there is the growing chall...

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Manufacturing and Supply Chain in Action

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