Where Digital Meets Mining: AspenTech and the Future of the Digital Mine

In this interview style video learn how mining solutions allow mine designers, process engineers and mine leadership to replicate their mine digitally, run what-if analysis and simulation on various changes they’d like to execute on and gain insights into the effects those changes will result in.

Interactive Infographic

4 Steps to Optimize Outcomes Across Your Pharma Value Chain Network

The pandemic heightened the need for agility and resiliency within the supply chain. Speed to market remains a top business imperative as we move into the next normal for pharma.





What’s New in aspenONE Process Explorer?

With the KPI Hierarchies feature in aspenONE Process Explorer V10, obtain real-time perspectives of severe alarms over an entire site, and trace through the hierarchy to determine the source of alarms.


What’s New in aspenONE Supply Chain Management?

Discover the new, completely redesigned and modernized HTML5 version of Collaborative Forecasting as well as the polymers scheduling capabilities in Aspen Plant Scheduler.


Why Migrate to aspenONE Process Explorer?

A guide for users of the legacy Aspen Process Explorer.


What is ProMV

This video provides an introduction to the capabilities, applications and value of Aspen ProMV. This version has been edited to two minutes running time.


What’s New in Aspen Capital Cost Estimator?

The industries' benchmark for capital cost estimating is getting even better with V10. A more detailed code of accounts, that is simpler to calibrate, allows you to arrive at accurate estimates sooner.


Webinar con ARC Advisory Group: Cómo los líderes de la industria aceleran el escalado de APM en toda la empresa

Los primeros resultados de una encuesta de ARC Advisory Group indican que el 45% de los encuestados requieren 6 meses o más para escalar soluciones APM en sitios similares, mientras que el 54% puede escalar APM en diferentes activos en el mismo sitio, pero solo con un gran esfuerzo y recursos. Las soluciones de Gestión de Desempeño de Activos (APM) actuales generan grandes aumentos en la confiabilidad y la rentabilidad, pero ¿qué tan bien se pueden escalar esos beneficios en múltiples activos, o incluso en múltiples sitios? Vea ahora este webinar on-demand para conocer cómo algunos de los líderes actuales de la industria utilizan la inteligencia artificial y Machine Learning, combinados con sus datos y recursos existentes, para superar los obstáculos de habilidades o usabilidad y escalar rápidamente las soluciones de APM en sus organizaciones.


Achieve Sustainable, Profitable Results with Unified Production Optimization

Energy and Chemical companies continue to look for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and remain profitable. Advancements in digital optimization technology are helping industry leaders navigate the energy transition, meet sustainability goals and optimize operations. Learn how companies like Marathon Petroleum, Samref and CEPSA are using Unified Production Optimization to lower CO2 emissions, reduce energy intensity, maximize margins and much more!

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