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Rapidly Develop, Scale-up and Optimize Hydrogen Processes

Hydrogen is playing a key role in meeting the dual challenge of achieving both growth and sustainability initiatives. For over 40 years, AspenTech® has been partnering with industrial leaders to help them meet this dual challenge, by leveraging domain expertise to help organizations run more safely, efficiently and sustainably.


Host ADNOC Sets a Green Tone at ADIPEC 2022

The message this year from ADNOC CEO, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, was upbeat and strong and opened by talking about the global challenge of growth and sustainability.

Refinery Scheduling

Improve responsiveness and decision-making with refinery-wide scheduling that schedules all key activities from within a single platform to increase production.

Smart Calibration

AspenTech's Smart Calibration allows you to boost productivity and increase performance by creating accurate production sequences utilizing feedback loops.

AspenTech's aspenONE MES Track and Trace solution helps you visualize and analyze material movements and batch operations with historical data.

Vertical Integration

Reduce batch cycle time, production errors, and operating costs

Refinery Planning

Optimize feedstock, products and production plans in your refineries faster and with higher accuracy through our proven, proprietary PIMS-AO solver.

Refinery Blending

Reduce off-spec blends and quality giveaway by simultaneously optimizing multi-period blends for short and long-term campaigns.

Production Accounting Reporting

AspenTech Production Accounting Reporting helps refineries measure production performance and achieve profitable operations with accurate yield accounting.

Polymers Scheduling

AspenTech's Polymers Scheduling enables you to reduce transitions and operational costs using high-fidelity modeling of your unique assets.

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