Electric Grid Modernization for Power and Utilities

Digital Grid Management Real-time control, optimization and management of complex power networks, from the largest global power providers microgrids. Reliably, securely, and efficiently perform digital grid management while integrating new green energy sources for a reduced carbon footprint.

Accelerate Innovation for the Hydrogen Economy

Accelerate to net zero with AspenTech hydrogen solutions, supporting digitalization to accelerate innovation, execution and scaling of green hydrogen projects across the value chain, from renewables to hydrogen production, to storage and hydrogen delivery to end use.


Digitalization and Data Analytics: Are you Missing a Crucial Ingredient in Your Process

If you’re like most food and beverage process manufacturers, it could take you weeks or months to sift through and interpret all your data. In an industry where quality and precision is everything, delays can result in unplanned downtime, defective batches, product recalls and cost overruns—all with the potential to negatively impact your company’s reputation and bottom line.


Optimize for the “Business Trifecta”, Safety, Sustainability and Productivity

Discover how predictive maintenance and planned downtime can deliver positive results for your company when it comes to Safety, Sustainability and Productivity.


Asset Performance Management: Industry Insights 2019

Get key insights from a 2019 ARC Advisory Group survey on asset performance management (APM) and learn what is most important to industry leaders implementing APM at their organizations.


Creating the Smart Enterprise in an Evolving World

Find out how a new generation of technologies is creating opportunities within the process industries that were previously impossible.


Enter the Era of Autonomy with the Self-Optimizing Plant

Start your journey to the self-optimizing plant and view this interactive e-book that highlights how your assets can be safer, more reliable, more flexible and more profitable.


The Risk-Reduction Opportunity: Savings & Safety Through Predictive Maintenance

In production environments, changing conditions means increased risk. Operating companies have been shouldering more of this risk in recent years as insurance coverage becomes less readily available.


Aspen AIoT Hub™

This e-book explains how AspenTech® created the Aspen AIoT Hub by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enable the next generation of Industrial AI infrastructure.

On-Demand Webinar

Pfizer Accelerates Process Design and Scale Up Using aspenONE® Engineering

Pfizer enhances new process development by coupling computational exercises with experiment planning, execution and revision. Learn how the visualization of process design can guide experimentation and expose new areas of manufacturing opportunity. Associate Research Fellow Eric Cordi will demonstrate technical capabilities to show how you can accelerate process design, facilitate collaboration and reduce the time to market for new products.

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