Advanced Distribution Management Systems

Electrical distribution system operators face an increasing set of demands and expectations from customers, regulators and public officials to improve safety, reliability and efficiency of the distribution system while providing timely and reliable data about power system conditions and power outages.

Case Study

Seismic Classification and Modeling Solutions Enhance Understanding of the Geology for Optimized Drilling

YPF, a majority state-owned energy company, was looking to place new wells in a tight gas field that is part of a complex delta front system. Learn how YPF used Aspen SKUA-GOCAD geological modeling solutions to:

Case Study

HITA NV Uses Subsurface Modeling Capability to Create Accurate, State-of-the-Art Depth Models

HITA NV is a Belgian company focused on the development of deep geothermal energy. To reduce risks in deep geothermal projects, HITA used seismic modeling solution, Aspen SKUA-GOCAD to integrate and covert data, enabling them to:

Case Study

City of Grand Island, Nebraska Reduces Overhead Costs Using Digital, Subscription-Based OMS Application

Located in south-central Nebraska, Grand Island Utility District (GIUD) has been providing electrical and water services to the city of Grand Island for nearly 150 years. GIUD needed to replace its homegrown outage management solution (OMS) and expand operational capabilities, while ensuring easy integration with existing systems. Deploying OSI’s Electra OMS™ in the cloud enabled GIUD to:

Case Study

Middle Eastern Aluminum Manufacturer Adopts OSI Industrial Energy Management Solution for Uninterrupted Operations

This leading aluminum manufacturer operates one of the largest and most modern aluminum smelters, boasting production of more than one million metric tons of premium-grade aluminum annually--demanding enormous amounts of power. Increasing energy demands required this manufacturer needed to expand its legacy power distribution system and adopt OSI’s EMS and SCADA technology to:

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AspenTech Completes Emerson Transaction, Expanding High-Performance Global Industrial Software Leadership

AspenTech Completes Emerson Transaction, Expanding High-Performance Global Industrial Software Leadership


Mastering the Dual Challenge

Meeting the demands of today without compromising the expectations of tomorrow will require a balance between operational excellence and sustainability. View this video and learn how the new AspenTech is ready to help you overcome these challenges with proven, digital solutions that are focused on creating a sustainable future for all.


Eliminating the Surprise of Unplanned Downtime

To remain agile, competitive and profitable long term, mine operators must focus on the critical need to integrate digital capabilities into their operations as much—and as quickly—as possible. Digitalization can help boost performance for companies across the metals and mining value chain.


Impulsando negocios sostenibles y rentables

A medida que las empresas de energía, química y EPC continúan ajustándose a una nueva normalidad, el enfoque en cumplir los objetivos de sustentabilidad es una prioridad principal para los líderes de la industria. La digitalización y la IA son fundamentales para ayudar a las empresas a avanzar en sus esfuerzos de sustentabilidad. Mire este video y descubra cómo la IA industrial combina machine learning con un conocimiento profundo de la industria para ayudarlo a tomar decisiones más rápidas e inteligentes que reducen las emisiones y los desechos, acercándolo a cero emisiones netas de carbono.

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Industrial AI in Action: Improve Reactor Operations with Unprecedented Simulation Accuracy

Reactor operations continue to be critical for today’s refineries, but reactor simulation solutions have traditionally been difficult to use and maintain. The problem is magnified as experienced engineers and operators retire at a faster rate.

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