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Indian Refinery Reduces Energy Consumption Using Real-Time Digital Twin

Energy reduction plays a key role in meeting aggressive sustainability goals. Learn how BPCL deployed an Aspen HYSYS®-based online digital twin of the amine regeneration unit (ARU) supporting the Aspen DMC3™-based (APC) system enabling them to:

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Building plant resilience with the digital twin

Manufacturing Chemist reports clear and sound advice on immediately impactful digital initiatives from AspenTech’s chemicals expert Dr. Paige Morse.

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Operational Excellence

The digitalization of industrial sectors is becoming critical at the highest levels of an organization – and represents the path to a new era of safety, sustainability and profitability.

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Digital Twins: The Accelerated Path to Autonomous Operations

The concept of digital twins has been around since 1960s, but the term was first introduced nearly a decade ago by NASA's John Vickers. Until very recently, adoption of digital twins has been inconsistent, but acceptance looks to be accelerating with recent market shifts. Today’s users are seeing exponential benefits by deploying multiple digital twins across sites. The next wave of digitalization innovations, powered by digital twins and AI, is creating new levels of agility and flexibility, paving the way to autonomous operations.

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Enabling a Step Change in Pharma Productivity

Join our experts as they discuss how the AspenTech/Emerson partnership redefines digitalization for the drug development and product lifecycle.


Sustainability Pathway: Hydrogen Economy

Learn how the Hydrogen Economy Sustainability Pathway can make key digital technologies easy to adopt for supporting innovation, execution and scaling of hydrogen projects across the value chain, from renewables to hydrogen production, to storage and delivery of hydrogen, to end use.

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Scaling Up the Green Hydrogen Economy with Microsoft and AspenTech

As companies look to advance their sustainability projects to meet net-zero goals, hydrogen has quickly emerged as a viable clean energy solution. But what is the best approach to quickly, reliably and cost effectively deploy green hydrogen production?


Executive Podcast Series: Powering the Future of Oil and Gas - Electrification, Renewables and Microgrids

Hydrocarbon Processing sat down with Sally Jacquemin, Vice President and General Manager, Power and Utilities, Aspen Technology, and Ron Beck, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Aspen Technology, to discuss electrification in the oil, gas and processing industries, including the use of renewables and microgrids.

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How a Major Refinery Improves Reactor Operations with Molecule-based Simulation

Reactor operations have a huge impact on product yield and quality, as well as on energy consumption. Getting accurate insights into operations can significantly improve the profitability and sustainability of a refinery.

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