Genuine AspenTech Software

Be confident you’ve got secure, supported software

Unlicensed software can introduce security risks such as viruses and malware – it can also compromise your designs and lead to project failure. Genuine software undergoes stringent quality review to ensure it functions properly; unlicensed versions may contain bugs that can create unsafe operating conditions, equipment damage or worse.

How do I ensure the software is genuine?

If your AspenTech software is not sent directly from AspenTech as part of our media kit or downloaded directly from our support site on, then the software you are using is likely not genuine.

What do I do if I suspect unauthorized use, but I am not sure?

If you suspect your software is not properly licensed, we encourage you to contact us directly. We keep records of all our registered users and products and will be able to confirm your suspicions. You can also use this form to report your concerns anonymously.

Why should I report unauthorized use?

Companies such as AspenTech invest time, money and resources into developing products. Accordingly, there is a cost and a value associated to the products we offer to the market. Unauthorized use tends to have ripple effects across the industry ecosystem. Moreover, using unlicensed copies increases security risks such as viruses and spyware.