Aspen SKUA™

A collaborative platform for geoscientists and engineers to integrate, visualize and analyze all subsurface data, extract insights and build reliable 3D geological models for optimal earth resource management.

Better Field Development through True Collaboration and Geological Integrity

Reduce Risk, Improve Decision Making

Comprehensive uncertainty propagation from structure to simulation, repeatable workflows and evergreen models result in lower-risk management decisions.

A Reliable Model You Can Trust

Handle the most adverse and complex geological settings to create the industry’s most accurate subsurface models for planning and forecasting.

Easy Collaboration and Data Sharing

Remove silos through a common earth model that serves multiple disciplines and drives collaboration and consistency across the value chain.  

Connect to OSDU through the Reservoir DDMS

Enables connectivity with the OSDU® Data Platform to access, support and collaborate with multi-disciplinary integrated reservoir workflow data.

Aspen SKUA is a highly customizable, integrated product suite for geological modeling and reservoir characterization, bridging the gap between interpretation and simulation. Geoscientists can integrate, visualize and manage all subsurface data, extract insights and build accurate models of the subsurface. Complex structures can be incorporated seamlessly into the model. With a simple-to-use interface, obtain results quickly for reliable prospect evaluation and reservoir optimization.

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