Competency Programs to Maximize Value of AspenTech® Digital Solutions

Learn how AspenTech University can help organizations to navigate challenges and compete at the highest level with our end-to-end competency development curriculum. AspenTech University offers flexible, expert-led classes that teach the in-depth knowledge and skills required to fully apply AspenTech solutions. Learn by solving real-world problems through hands-on exercises.


Agent Scalability with AspenTech APM 4.0

Unexpected disturbances and shutdowns can severely impact any manufacturing facility. The AspenTech APM 4.0 portfolio uses agents that can be replicated quickly and easily across all plant assets to assure production and avoid unnecessary maintenance. Learn how APM 4.0 delivers an all-inclusive approach to efficiency, productivity and safety to support operational excellence in plant operations and the bottom line for manufacturers.

User Conference


Register today for the premier global event (April 29–May 3 in Houston, TX) for AspenTech customers, including users, operational leaders and executives within asset-intensive industries who are looking to elevate their business performance, improve their resiliency and meet their sustainability targets.

Executive Brief

Advancing Profitability and Sustainability with APM 4.0

Today´s executives are faced with the complex challenge of maximizing profitability while meeting sustainability goals. Using APM 4.0 to identify efficiencies across the organization can drive operational excellence, which can lead to significant advancement of sustainability objectives.


Increase Process Efficiency and Product Quality with Real-Time Data Analytics

Process industries like bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals strive to optimize production processes with existing resources and data to remain competitive and profitable. By implementing product and process quality analytics solutions like Aspen ProMV® and Aspen Process Pulse™, manufacturers can achieve operational and financial benefits while also improving fouling, product yield and overall plant efficiency. Watch this video to find out how leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies have saved up to 25% in costs and increased yield by up to 2%.

On-Demand Webinar

ARC Advisory Group: How Industry Leaders Maximize Profitability with APM

Early returns from an ARC Advisory Group survey indicate that optimizing plant operations performance and eliminating process upsets are considered a critical component of asset performance management (APM) systems.

Interactive Infographic

Achieve a Win-Win: Drive Operational Excellence and Advance Sustainability Efforts

Asset-intensive industries are faced with the dual challenge of achieving operational excellence while meeting sustainability goals. With advanced Asset Performance Management (APM) 4.0 solutions, companies can minimize equipment failures, process disruptions and unplanned downtime that can cost them up to $50 billion dollars a year.


The Agile Pharma Supply Chain: Connectivity and Alignment Across Stakeholders

This blog reports back on insights on the current state, challenges and solutions for planning and scheduling in pharma that Cade VanRooyen gleaned by attending the LogiPharma 2022 conference, April 5-7.


Maintenance and Reliability Managers: Make Your Assets More Reliable

Thanks to advances in AI, Automation and Data, maintenance and reliability managers are turning to new technologies to increase reliability and availability of assets.


Digital Collaboration in Pharmaceuticals Scheduling

Learn more about AspenTech’s full solution stack for building and maintaining accurate and effective production schedules in Pharma.

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