Aspen Unified to Improve Downstream Production Performance

Production optimization software platform combines planning, scheduling and production accounting.

Collaborative, Integrated Applications Increase Margins up to 10%

Close the Gap Between Plan and Actual

Create more optimal plans, then schedule operations and use dynamic optimization to execute closer to optimal. Track performance and reconcile production to recalibrate models.

Boost Production Agility and Responsiveness

Run the plant to its limits with a more accurate view of current process performance and constraints by linking plan, schedule and live plant data.

Simplified Design and Industrial AI Enhance User Experience

Completely redesigned, intuitive, web-based interface includes in-product guidance with industrial AI to be more effective and faster than ever.

Automate Routine Work Tasks

Streamline and automate routine tasks like creating cases, reconciling the schedule from the night before and connecting data sources – saving potentially hundreds of staff hours per year.

Achieve Sustainable, Profitable Results with Aspen Unified

Energy and chemical companies continue to look for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and remain profitable.
Advancements in digital optimization technology are helping industry leaders navigate the energy transition, meet sustainability goals and improve operations.


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