AspenTech OSI Generation Management System™

Comprehensive solution suite for managing regulated and deregulated power generation assets including forecasting, optimization, scheduling, real-time operation, market participation, accounting and compliance.

Optimize Power Generation Resources to Meet Load Demand and Enable Economic Objectives with Market Participation


Feature-rich solution with global install base managing over 750 GW of traditional and renewable generation.

Return on Investment

Energy supply optimization to meet economic and network fleet objectives in regional markets.

Leading Cybersecurity Posture

Best-in-class tools enable compliance with industry regulations.

Enterprise Platform

Native integration with entire OT product suite for holistic user experience.
Generation Management Systems

See how AspenTech OSI GMS:

  • Manages the generation and supply of electricity for various capacities and generation capabilities
  • Enables market participants in ERCOT, PJM, MISO, CAISO, IESO, SPP, NYISO and other markets to efficiently, reliably and optimally participate in their regional market operations
  • Delivers efficient monitoring, control and regulation for a combined generation capacity of more than 750,000 MW worldwide

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