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Accelerate your digitalization journey to improve sustainability while maximizing profitability through operational excellence. Harness the AI technology and innovations needed to address the dual challenge.

Production Optimization for Refining

Production Optimization from AspenTech helps refineries and petrochemical plants reduce emissions and increase profit margins.

Production Optimization for Specialty Chemicals

Maximize profits using plant-wide simulation solutions that combines unparalleled accuracy and engineering collaboration with time-saving workflows

Production Optimization for Olefins

Production Optimization from AspenTech helps olefins and integrated refinery/petrochemical sites increase profit margins while meeting sustainability targets.

Production Optimization for Commodity Polymers

Optimize production rates, yield and quality by modeling polymerization process using proven, market-leading process optimization technology


Digital Agility Realized with APC

In today’s ever-evolving global economy, energy and chemical companies need to operate with newfound agility to meet market demand and maximize margins. Aspen DMC3 Adaptive Control now embeds powerful AI machine learning algorithms to build seed models by simply mining historical data. In addition, operators and engineers are now able to find answers 24x7 to common questions and get actionable guidance from Aspen Virtual Advisor's augmented intelligence. View this video and learn how you can coordinate multiple APCs in closed-loop and optimize broad envelopes in real-time to align planning, scheduling and operation, significantly reducing margin leakage and energy costs.





Ensuring Customer Success

Learn about AspenTech's 3 keys to a successful customer relationship: trust, effective communication and customer focus. We're shaping the strategies for our solutions around the value we deliver and the problems that we help our customers solve.


[한글 자막] 디지털 민첩성을 구현하는 APC

글로벌 경제 환경이 끊임없이 진화하는 상황에서, 에너지 및 화학 기업들은 그 어느 때보다 민첩하게 공정 자산을 운영함으로써 시장의 수요를 충족하면서 마진을 극대화할 수 있어야 합니다. Aspen DMC3 Adaptive Control은 강력한 AI 머신러닝 알고리즘을 내장하여 과거 데이터를 마이닝하는 방식으로 시드(seed) 모델을 생성합니다. 이 비디오는 실시간 클로즈드 루프 방식으로 넓은 최적화 범위에 걸쳐 있는 일련의 APC 제어기들을 관장함으로써 생산계획과 스케줄링에 운전을 동조시켜서 마진 유출과 에너지 비용을 대폭 줄이는 방법을 소개합니다.



在当今不断发展的全球经济中,能源和化工企业需要以新发现的敏捷性来满足市场需求并实现利润最大化。Aspen DMC3自适应控制现在嵌入强大的人工智能机器学习算法,通过简单地挖掘历史数据来建立种子模型。观看此视频,了解如何在闭环中协调多个APC,并实时优化宽幅封套,以协调规划、调度和操作,显著减少利润泄漏和能源成本。

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