The Intelligent Mine and How to Build It

Review the benefits of embracing digital optimization and predictive/prescriptive maintenance in the context of improving mining operations.


AspenTech Recognized as APM Market Leader by Independent Analyst Firm

Using AspenTech’s APM solutions, customers eliminate downtime with actionable insights that help reduce costs, safety concerns and environmental impact.


ARC Insights Report: Digital Capabilities to Advance the Circular Economy

This report addresses how industry leaders in the chemical and petro-chemical industries are leveraging digital technology as a key component of the transition to a circular model of production and consumption and as part of an overall path to sustainability of operations. Based on ARC research and analysis, this report also provides recommended action for owner-operators and other technology users.


AspenTech Partners with Microsoft Energy Data Services

New open, developer-ready platform connects once disparate energy data sets to applications on an enterprise-grade OSDU™ Data Platform


Shining a Light onto Chemicals Production Scheduling to Unlock Trapped Value

Recently, Profit Point worked with a global Specialty Chemicals manufacturer to help them improve their production scheduling process at a batch facility in Germany — the results were surprising.


Digitalization for Progress in Uncertain Times

In the US, around 60% of people are now employed in occupations that did not exist in 1940. Expanding AI could similarly generate new occupations & new industries altogether.

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AspenTech Named a Leader in Asset Performance Management by Independent Analyst Firm

AspenTech Named a Leader in Asset Performance Management by Independent Analyst Firm

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Industry Europe Access to Medicine

Industry Europe - Access to Medicine


Manufacturing Strategy Imperative: (Re)Design for Cost Reductions and Resilience

Manufacturers can benefit from retooling production networks to strike the right balance between cost optimization and resilience to remain competitive as demand returns.


Innovating for Sustainability

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