Alliance to End Plastic Waste Progress Report 2022

The challenge to end plastic waste leakage into the environment is huge but not insurmountable.

"Working together, we can overcome this challenge and enjoy a cleaner, greener world in the future" - Antonio Pietri, AspenTech President and CEO

As a company, AspenTech has collaborated with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste across the globe. In our first two years of membership, we supported Alliance goals with our efforts to develop modeling solutions to improve plastic recycling. Going forward, we are collaborating with other members to focus on new supply chain solutions and work to integrate advanced recycling output back into plastics production processes.

As individuals, part of the solution may be the simple act of pausing to pick up plastic waste from the environment. As an organization, we focus on supporting the chemical engineering software that goes into developing advanced pyrolysis processes for converting plastic to petrochemical feedstock.

Learn more about the mission of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste and the role AspenTech is taking to address this global challenge.