AspenTech 2022/2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

For over 40 years, AspenTech has applied advanced technology to address the critical challenges faced by industry and society. Now, our focus is also on leading in sustainability solutions and partnering with asset-intensive industries to make the sustainability future a reality.

As a global company, we celebrate the diversity of ideas that drive our innovation. Our culture is inclusive, constantly seeking new perspectives to push the boundaries of what’s possible and make a positive impact on our communities. We also have comprehensive business practices around capital investment, corporate governance and oversight, and the protection of data.

AspenTech is energized by supporting the energy transition and tackling the dual challenge of meeting the expectations of a higher living standard for a rapidly-growing population in a sustainable manner. Through our unique combination of deep domain expertise and innovation, we help business run safer, greener, longer and faster. Learn more in our 2022/2023 ESG Report.