AspenTech & Emerson Launch New Demo at the Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence

AspenTech, Emerson and Microsoft are committed to working with energy and industrial companies to drive progress that advances their sustainability goals and helps them reach their net zero targets.

Aspen Unified for Refinery Planning and Scheduling

Aspen Unified for Refinery Planning and Scheduling

The Self-Optimizing Plant

In today’s VUCA environment, organizations are turning to digitalization and industrial AI to develop autonomous and semi-autonomous processes that enable new levels of safety, sustainability and profitability. Learn how self-optimizing plants will enable companies to: empower next-generation workers to focus on the highest-value activities; improve safety and reliability with IoT predictive maintenance software; reduce downtime of plant operations by optimizing assets and equipment lifecycle; and achieve sustainability goals with reduced energy use and emission control.

FAQ Document

Webinar FAQ: Progress Your Pharma 4.0 Journey by Solving Industrial DataOps Challenges

This FAQ Document shares answers to questions from the webinar, “Progress Your Pharma 4.0 Journey by Solving Industrial DataOps Challenges.”


Multilevel Composition: A New Method for Revealing Complex Geological Features in Three-Dimensional Seismic Reflection Data

Unraveling the huge amount of information contained in seismic reflection images is the main goal of seismic interpretation. In recent years, seismic interpretation capabilities have seen remarkable improvements, many of which are due to the development of a wide range of volumetric seismic attributes.


Full-Azimuth Differential Seismic Facies Analysis for Predicting Oil-Saturated Fractured Reservoirs

This work presents a novel technology for azimuth-dependent facies analysis (Facies Analysis versus Azimuth – FACIVAZ) to improve the prediction of hydrocarbon-saturated permeable fractures in terrigenous carbonate reservoirs. The analysis is performed in the depth domain along high-resolution, full-azimuth, angle domain common image gathers created by the Aspen EarthStudy 360™ imaging system.


The Industrial Data Historian of the Future

This ARC report explains how the trend of incorporating emerging technologies into historians continues into the future.

Data Sheet

Virtual Flow Metering (VFM): Aspen METTE™

Download this data sheet for information on Aspen METTE Virtual Flow Metering (VFM), a powerful, web-based application that analyzes real-time sensor measurements to estimate the flow of oil, gas and water.


Optimize for the “Business Trifecta”, Safety, Sustainability and Productivity

Discover how predictive maintenance and planned downtime can deliver positive results for your company when it comes to Safety, Sustainability and Productivity.


Asset Performance Management: Industry Insights 2019

Get key insights from a 2019 ARC Advisory Group survey on asset performance management (APM) and learn what is most important to industry leaders implementing APM at their organizations.

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