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Universiti Malaysia Pahang and Aspen Technology to Build an Ecosystem of Knowledge Sharing

Disruptive Tech Asia Universiti Malaysia Pahang and Aspen Technology to Build an Ecosystem of Knowledge Sharing Digital transformation digital process and capital-intensive industry

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Aspen Technology Achieves AWS Energy Competency Status

Aspen Technology Achieves AWS Energy Competency Status

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Built with your needs in mind. We are the premier technology partner for the world's most critical industries.


Live from CERAWeek – Don’t Stop Believin’

The energy transition will come down to focus, innovation and investment. In this post, we explore how companies are adjusting and planning for the future.


APM 4.0: Financially Optimized Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management (APM) 4.0 concerns far more than just asset reliability and availability. It is all about fully optimized asset performance driving to any manufacturing company’s bottom line.


Planning and Scheduling in Pharma: The Future is Digital

In this blog, we dive deeper into one of these digital accelerators: fully digital solutions for planning and scheduling.


OGN: Achieving Sustainable Operations in Capital-intensive Industries

Companies in capital-intensive industries are facing a dual challenge—meeting the growing demand for resources and higher standards of living from a growing population while also addressing sustainability goals. And to succeed they will require new levels of operational excellence.

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Optimize Hydrogen, Improve Margins with Dynamic Optimization

Hydrogen is an essential yet often limited resource for refiners, with demand increasing due to processing of renewable feedstocks. In addition, hydrogen production is very expensive, particularly with the recent rise in natural gas prices and the significant, costly CO2 emissions it generates. Now more than ever before, refiners need an effective way to manage the hydrogen supply-and-demand balance.

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Digitalize Batch Execution and Records With Aspen Production Execution Manager™

How are you keeping up with growing demand? Digitalize batch execution and records with Aspen Production Execution Manager™ to accelerate time-to-market with accuracy while maintaining regulatory compliance.


Molecules, Electrons, and Moonshots: Opening Day at CERAWeek

CERAWeek is back, live and in full force for its 40th anniversary. As usual, the conference started with an impressive lineup of heads of state and multinational corporations.

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