Digital Solutions for Advancing Circular Economy through Biorefining

As the chemical industry moves to renewable feedstocks as part of a circular economy, the design of biorefineries remains a challenge. The processes to recover streams and create high-value products are inefficient and wasteful. That’s where today’s process simulation software helps, as proven by the consortium BioSPRINT, which used Aspen Plus® to improve the purification and conversion of hemicellulose streams to produce an alternative to fossil-based polymers.

Join experts from Maturus Optimi, a leading engineering and strategy consulting firm—and key participant in BioSPRINT—as they show how Aspen Plus enables them to:

  • Overcome complexities and challenges of bioprocesses to support process development
  • Identify limitations, risks and opportunities early to deliver optimized designs and avoid rework
  • Evaluate economics and performance to support commercialization and scale-up
  • Develop flexible models that support multiple configurations and feedstocks

Learn how you can leverage powerful digital solutions to drive innovation and accelerate the development of cost-effective technologies to advance the biorefining circular economy.

Digital Solutions for Advancing Circular Economy through Biorefining

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Digital Solutions for Advancing Circular Economy through Biorefining

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