AspenTech & Emerson Launch New Demo at the Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence

March 23, 2023

AspenTech, Emerson and Microsoft are committed to working with energy and industrial companies to drive progress that advances their sustainability goals and helps them reach their net zero targets. As part of this commitment, we are partnering to deliver a new exhibit at the Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence in Houston that was launched at a grand opening on March 7.   

Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) are collaborative environments that provide the place, experience, and expertise to help organizations achieve their digital transformation ambitions by leveraging the power of Microsoft cloud solutions and services. The Energy Transition Center of Excellence was created to bring together leading industrial partners that can co-build solutions on the Microsoft platform to enable and accelerate the transition. By leveraging Microsoft’s cloud services, the center demonstrates solutions that help to rapidly evaluate and deploy clean energy technologies to achieve their net zero ambitions.  

One of the most critical areas that will have an impact on sustainability moving forward is the hydrogen economy, which focuses on three crucial challenges across the value chain:    

  1. Improve economics  
  2. Accelerate scale-up  
  3. Ensure safety and reduce risks  

The exhibit at the Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence provides an immersive, hands-on experience that lets you physically and digitally interact with innovative solutions helping to progress to the hydrogen economy.   


Video: Rohit Khera, VP, Global Partners and Alliances, discusses the benefits the Technology Center

In support of this immersive experience, AspenTech and Emerson have partnered with Microsoft to provide customers with an end-to-end demo showing how AspenTech and Emerson’s differentiated design, optimization and automation solutions address these key challenges in the hydrogen value chain using today’s technology.  

Across the value chain, AspenTech and Emerson digital technologies help to accelerate innovation of hydrogen production, reduce hydrogen systems risk, accelerate execution of hydrogen projects, optimize operations, drive integration of renewable power, optimize the value chain, improve transportation and storage and develop solutions to use hydrogen, such as fuel cells.   

AspenTech solutions, together with Emerson’s digital portfolio, offer a unique solution that, in combination with Microsoft Azure, can help drive commercialization and optimization to scale-up the hydrogen economy. The solutions help to optimize the entire hydrogen value chain, as well as each individual element, while taking advantage of Microsoft’s architecture to provide hydrogen developers and operators a comprehensive solution that can drive further commercialization and scale-up of the hydrogen economy.   

By leveraging Microsoft Azure’s scalability, elasticity and performance to run these digital solutions, it is possible to achieve the benefits of bringing these technologies faster to market and optimized across design and operations for the complete hydrogen value chain.   

If you are interested in learning more about the Microsoft Energy Transition Center, leave a comment below or contact me directly at  

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