Introducing the AspenTech DataWorks Business Unit

February 06, 2023

Today, we are proud to announce AspenTech® DataWorks, an expansion and rebranding of our AIoT Hub business unit. AspenTech DataWorks is purpose-built to be the global leader in industrial data management. From the plant floor to the boardroom, our mission is to accelerate data-driven value creation in the asset-intensive industries through our robust data software offerings.

A Little History
Let’s talk about how we got here. AspenTech has a long history of innovation, with 40 years of experience in recording and capturing large amounts of data with our process historian products such as Aspen InfoPlus.21® and Aspen Production Record ManagerTM. In the middle of 2020, we launched the Aspen AIoT Hub, our answer to enable the next generation of Industrial AI products and solutions built on the foundation of several AspenTech acquisitions in the AI and cloud-enabled application space. While AspenTech has embedded these technologies into industry-leading solutions, like Aspen Hybrid ModelsTM, data infrastructure was and remains critical to these use cases and customers’ digitalization journeys.

The Data Management Problem
In the time since the Aspen AIoT Hub launched, we have been tirelessly working with—and learning from—our customers. Over and over again, the biggest pain points shared with us were around managing data infrastructure. To put it simply, our customers wanted help with data integration and management so that they could start or scale their advanced analytics and Industrial AI projects. The acquisition of inmation and the formation of AspenTech DataWorks is a response to that customer need; adding cutting-edge data management to our expanding portfolio of innovation-driven solutions. By integrating inmation into our portfolio, our team is equipped to help IT and OT organizations realize AI or Cloud-enabled use cases, while also helping them unlock value from all their data, from the plant floor to the executive suite.

A Look Towards the Future
The need for high-performance, plant-level historian technology that gathers operational data, accelerates performance improvements and improves collaboration is only increasing. At the same time, our customers asked us for the next generation of data tools, designed from the ground up for connectivity, scalability, flexibility and security for all levels of the enterprise. Combining inmation with our process historian family of products gives us the ability to provide our customers unrivaled solutions that empower a broad set of use cases.


One Solution, Zero Compromise.
Today, operators and engineers within plants (or the process industry) use historians to monitor operations, analyze process efficiency and investigate opportunities and problems. These are mission-critical systems that are customized for the operation teams’ use. On the IT side of things, digitalization teams and products need clean, structured and contextualized data to generate usable insights and scale use cases. While the various sources of the data, including historians, provide at-a-glance analyses, the customized nature of these sources makes it difficult to automate consistency in how the data is structured and contextualized. By combining our plant-level historian solutions with industry-leading enterprise data integration and management technology (AspenTech Inmation®), we can take the pain out of IT/OT convergence. Thus, our new tagline: One Solution. Zero Compromise.

AspenTech DataWorks eliminates the need to choose between preserving mission-critical systems or embracing emerging technology like Industrial AI. Customers don’t need to choose between enterprise performance and operational needs of the business.

AspenTech DataWorks meets the needs of the executive suite and the plant floor. All at once.




Learn more about AspenTech DataWorks as the one industrial data solution for your organizations needs.



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