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Employee Reflections as AspenTech Turns 40

August 25, 2021

AspenTech recently turned 40 and we decided to ask several long-time employees, in Bedford, Houston and Reading, to share their thoughts as the company begins its fifth decade helping customers optimize their industrial processes and assets.


Michael Gobler, Director, Software Development, Bedford, started at AspenTech in 1985 as a college intern. His earliest memory includes climbing the soccer field chain link fence to avoid walking the longer way around to get to the office. Asked why Michael has remained with AspenTech since 1985, he had this to say, “I know I’m not the only one who has stayed at AspenTech so long because of the people I get to work with.” 

He also remarked about the number of opportunities the company provides – a product to invent, or integrate, or rearchitect. Michael confirmed that Aspen Mtell is his 17th project in 36 years! So, what sets AspenTech apart? According to Michael it’s the company’s constant drive to expand its offerings and increase the value for its customers. 


Next, we asked Andrea Orchanian, Director, Order Operations, Bedford, about her AspenTech journey since joining the company in 1987. Andrea has had the opportunity to work in several of AspenTech’s office locations, including Belgium, Tokyo, Hong Kong and most recently, our Bedford headquarters. 

Andrea’s career path at AspenTech has taken her from support engineer to support and training manager, to her current role as Director of Order Operations. She strongly believes that there is a lot of opportunity at the company if you’re willing to work hard and prove yourself. She also remarked about the company’s evolution as the use of personal computers and other devices has advanced so much over the last 40 years!


If you have ever visited our corporate headquarters in Bedford, you know that Val Calamese, Senior Receptionist, is likely the first person you will see. Val joined the company in 1990. Val says it’s the people, by far, and the diversity of people that is her favorite part of working at AspenTech. “I have a friend in practically every corner of the world thanks to AspenTech.”


Tim Warren, Sr. Sales Account Manager, Houston, joined the company in 2002 through the acquisition of Hyprotech. He has worked in Houston in sales in the energy, chemicals and EPC industries. He says that AspenTech has a bright future because of the quality of the people we attract and because we continue to play a leadership role in providing software solutions for the industries we serve.

When asked what he is most excited about for the future, Tim replied “The innovations we're pursuing - specifically, embedding artificial intelligence (AI) in our software throughout industrial manufacturing environments - are very exciting.”


Julia Valder, Sr. Sales Account Manager, Houston, joined AspenTech in 1995 through the acquisition of SetPoint. She has worn several hats over the years, filling many roles including business consulting, customer advocacy and currently, customer success management. She is excited to see what the next five years will bring, with changes happening at a rapid pace in our industries and in our company. She attributes her longevity at the company to being part of a strong team that shares encouraging words during difficult times and excitement in the “up times.” Working with great people and building friendships over the years is an important component of Julia’s years at AspenTech. 


Michael Catt, VP, Operations, Houston, has been with the company since 1996 and also came via the acquisition of SetPoint. Michael has held several positions at AspenTech over the years, but feels he is in his ‘sweetspot’ in his current role as a Solutions Consultant in the APM Business Unit.

Why has he called AspenTech home for all these years? According to Michael, it’s because he wants to make the world a better place and believes that AspenTech allows him to contribute to the advancement of society with his unique set of skills. And he also agrees, “the people at AspenTech are the best!” 


Lin Bartlett, Executive Assistant based in our Reading, UK office, joined the company in 2002. When asked what excites her about the future of AspenTech, she talked about the “…amazing staff we have and all the exciting things happening in AI and digitalization.” She also highlighted how the past 18 months have shined a light on the importance of continuous improvement and moving forward even during a time of great uncertainty.

“The company is always evolving, and I have had to do the same, so this keeps everything fresh,” Lin said.  

Her anniversary wishes for the company? The same as ours… Happy 40th Anniversary to AspenTech, here’s to another 40 years of innovation!







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