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Defining the Future – In Collaboration

September 30, 2020

The global energy sector is witnessing a digital transformation the likes of which has never been seen. Embracing the challenges of this revolution, Accenture and AspenTech have delivered industry-leading solutions through their dynamic partnership. 

Accenture’s expertise combined with AspenTech’s innovative technology solutions form a powerful alliance, offering energy, chemical and mining companies the ability to improve their business resilience and agility as the volatile macro environment currently demands. 

The value in this partnership is derived from the AspenTech solutions delivering production efficacy, leading to improved margins, reduced unplanned downtime and increased operating agility and accounting yields. Such ambition results in complex demands on both organizations, but we are pleased that this partnership has continually exceeded client expectations.


A Tremendous Opportunity

Digital transformation is the essential component for capturing value and increasing margins. Leveraging AspenTech, Accenture has demonstrated >$180 million by liberating the “Hidden Plant” and the list is growing. Unlocking real value while simultaneously managing change within an organization is no longer an aspiration — it’s a necessity. Our joint customers can expect sound advice, best-in-class technology, world-class integration and lifecycle support as they tackle that challenge. 


Focused on Client Success

From formulating the business case, vision and roadmap, to identifying business processes, including implementation and change management, Accenture helps companies realize operational excellence by offering capabilities throughout the entire digital transformation journey. Accenture’s extensive competence for digital innovation enables businesses to genuinely transform their operations with digital technology, as opposed to just patching tactical issues on a plant-by-plant basis.

AspenTech’s solutions combine unique technology with domain expertise, both requirements necessary to deliver true value for clients across the asset lifecycle in capital intensive process industries. For more than three decades, AspenTech has earned customers’ trust by consistently delivering solutions that drive operational excellence, even in the most challenging market conditions. Our mission is to help the world’s largest and most complex hydrocarbon and mineral processing organizations achieve their goals safely, sustainably and efficiently.


A Shared Motivation

Summarizing the AspenTech and Accenture partnership, Piyush Patel, Accenture Managing Director, Industry X.0 said,

“In the recent unprecedented volatile market and COVID scenario, industries face enormous challenges in staying profitable, safe, reliable and compliant in existing assets while controlling cost for ongoing expansion or greenfield investments. The current digital revolution is overcoming these challenges and the definition of new working methods is widely recognized. Forward-thinking partners such as AspenTech achieve the disruptive transformation for our clients and play a key role to deliver Accenture X.0 value.”


For more information about working with AspenTech and Accenture to deliver joint programs that digitally transform your business, email Paul Hughes or visit Accenture X.0 – Energy.



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