AI-Infused Autonomous Agents: Not Just an Extra Set of Eyes

December 16, 2022

From high-definition television to streaming movies, TV and music to online gaming, good engineering is all around us. And while the work that goes into improving those technologies isn’t always visible, it plays a critical part in making the modern world work. 

The same could be said of Aspen Mtell®’s AI Autonomous Agents.

Perhaps little musicians live inside the radio, tiny actors live in the television and our favorite characters take up residence inside our gaming consoles. As children, none of that is hard for us to believe and all can be simply explained away as magic. As adults, though, we grow to appreciate the bittersweet ubiquity of good engineering. From the magnificence of the orchestration of electrical impulses for radios and TVs to exist, through bandwidth acceleration in digital music compression of your chosen streaming service to the high-definition picture resolution in a 4k television, the components that provide such spectacular benefits don’t need to be visible to be appreciated and surprise us. The same can be said for Aspen Mtell’s AI Autonomous Agents.

Designed for more than simple anomaly detection, Autonomous Agents in Aspen Mtell follow real-world behaviors to detect issues at their absolute infancy and follow them to their equally specific outcomes. This information affords the time needed for proper organizational alignment to solve unplanned downtime before it happens. The heads-up may allow lightening of the load on the equipment, or other process adjustments around the disturbance, which may prevent future deterioration and even extend the life of the asset. Or at least the extremely early heads-up gives time to plan a short, safe, and environmentally sound repair period. 

Autonomous Agents in Aspen Mtell monitor systems, 24/7, storing the knowledge they gain forever. More than simple awareness, though, AI-infusion also provides solutions to newfound issues; creating new Agents to follow and monitor against newly discovered degradation and failure conditions. For equipment of the same type, the developed Agents are shared with and benefit the entire pool of assets with the same safety and breakdown protection for your whole failure prediction journey.

So, Mtell predicts accurate time to failure and then Aspen Fidelis advises the correct orderly activities to minimize profitability losses. With clear time-to-failure prediction, a choice can be made about when to take the downtime depending on resource availability (staff and spares), customer demand requirements and so on.  Aspen Fidelis™ enables any engineer, in any department, to identify real-time simulations of workload as well as resource allocation and overall performance. Allowing engineers to see equipment tolerances as well as their combined impact on the rest of the process equipment. Such understanding delivers a clear prediction of the assets’ collective ability to meet specific performance expectations and the required changes to assure performance outcomes. The absolute ideal foresight for timing the downtime and minimizing losses.

Aspen Mtell’s Autonomous Agents don’t just monitor and inform, they also observe and learn. They can introduce the users' nuance in learning what was truly at the root of the process failure and future-proofs against it recurring; learning what went wrong and adjusting activities specifically to the issue. New Autonomous Agents are created when unique impending equipment and process failures are detected to avoid future unplanned downtime before it happens.

AI-infused Autonomous Agents do not just give you another set of eyes to watch equipment, they provide insights into internal asset behavior that is nothing short of magical.


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