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Improve Safety and Operations with Design and Rating for Complete Overpressure Protection System

Safety remains a critical imperative for companies worldwide as it impacts the workforce, surrounding communities and operations of the plant or refinery. Yet engineers often struggle to analyze scenarios and design risks for an effective safety system.


Competency Programs to Maximize Value of AspenTech® Digital Solutions

Learn how AspenTech University can help organizations to navigate challenges and compete at the highest level with our end-to-end competency development curriculum. AspenTech University offers flexible, expert-led classes that teach the in-depth knowledge and skills required to fully apply AspenTech solutions. Learn by solving real-world problems through hands-on exercises.

Case Study

Leading Gas-to-Liquids Producer Reduces Costs and Engineering Hours Using Aspen HYSYS®

ORYX GTL Limited, a gas-to-liquids (GTL) diesel and naphtha producer, needed a new propane unit design that would incorporate a blowdown system to discharge hydrocarbon liquid under potential fire scenarios.

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Improve Conventional and Bio-Fuel Refining Reactor Operations with Aspen HYSYS

Reactors are critical for any refinery, impacting both quality and yield of products. With the emergence of bio-feed and co-feed processing reactors, new challenges arise as operators are unfamiliar with feed streams, creating operational risks.


Improve Energy Efficiency of Your Processes Using Activated Analysis in Aspen HYSYS® or Aspen Plus®

See how you can leverage the activated analysis capabilities to discover different alternatives to improve energy efficiency of your process and analyze each of those alternatives for their impact on CAPEX and OPEX, heat exchanger equipment performance and emissions, without leaving either Aspen HYSYS or Aspen Plus software environment.

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Improve Design and Operation of Gas Processing Plants Using Aspen HYSYS®

With more focus on sustainability, frequent changes in global gas markets and evolving processing technologies, gas plants are always looking to improve operations by accurately simulating and predicting increasingly complex processes.


How to Increase Productivity and Profitability with Near-Field Exploration and Development

The upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry is looking for ways to reduce costs while minimizing emissions, water use and other environmental impacts. Near-field exploration and development enables producers to leverage already depreciated costs in operating infrastructure and extend the life of a declining field by accessing new or previously bypassed reservoirs.

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Reduce Energy Use and Emissions with Process Design Workflows That Integrate Energy Analysis

Reducing energy use and GHG emissions remains a priority for the process industries. However, when designing more energy efficient plants or revamping existing sites, a high level of expertise is required to perform Pinch analysis. Engineers have limited time available for design, and the use of separate tools by multiple disciplines also brings the risk of errors due to manual data transfer.

Case Study

Major European Refinery Uses Process Simulation Technology to Improve Energy Efficiency & Yields

Learn how a major European refinery reduced energy usage and improved high-value product yields by leveraging the integration of process simulation technology and energy analysis to identify opportunities for greater energy efficiency.


AspenTech and BPCL Win Digital Transformation Award for Production Excellence

Earlier this year, AspenTech announced that its process simulation and optimization expertise was being integrated with BPCL’s real-time crude assaying platform.

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