Case Study

Seismic Classification and Modeling Solutions Enhance Understanding of the Geology for Optimized Drilling

YPF, a majority state-owned energy company, was looking to place new wells in a tight gas field that is part of a complex delta front system. Learn how YPF used Aspen SKUA™ geological modeling solutions to:


Research Report: The Need for the Right Data for ESG Reporting

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is now on the agendas of the most senior stakeholders within businesses around the globe.


The Big Loop Ecosystem

Aspen Big Loop™ is an application-agnostic ecosystem for setting up automated, reproducible and auditable workflows that help propagate uncertainties and capture their dependencies, resulting in reliable probabilistic predictions. The workflow is easy to update and enables asset teams to spend more time analyzing the results and building a common understanding of the reservoir. Watch this video for an overview of the unique characteristics of Big Loop - evergreen, ensemble-based and collaborative.

Case Study

Reservoir Modeling and Production Solutions Help Reduce Exploration Costs by Up to 20%

A major operator providing oil and gas exploration and extraction services in the Caspian Sea region deployed an ensemble simulation workflow utilizing the Aspen Big Loop technology to perform uncertainty and risk estimation as part of the project feasibility assessment, with Aspen Tempest as an orchestrator.


On-Demand Webinar

The State of Industrial Data – New Survey Results

AspenTech commissioned an independent survey of 200 North American and European decision makers from key industries, including engineering and construction, chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and metals and mining, focusing on industrial data usage.

Technical Paper

Improved Imaging Below the Deccan Trap: An Attempt to See Sub-Trappean Mesozoic Sediments

Sub-basalt imaging is difficult due to loss of seismic energy, attenuation, absorption, scattering and mode conversion.

Case Study

Aspen SKUA™ Provides Deeper Insight for The Geysers, One of the World’s Largest Geothermal Systems

Learn how Aspen SKUA is used by Calpine Corporation to create a highly constrained and continually refined 3D structural model that assists with water injection and steam production well planning, reservoir management, drilling analysis and a better understanding of induced seismicity.


Executive Podcast Series - The Future of Emissions Reduction: Monitoring, Optimizing and Reducing

Hydrocarbon Processing spoke with Vikas Dhole, General Manager - Sustainability, Aspen Technology, to discuss how companies can leverage digital solutions to reduce emissions and some examples of companies and the benefits they are seeing as a result.


Aspen Plus®: Process Simulation for Chemicals

Aspen Plus advances the performance of chemical processes using the best-in-class simulation software for bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

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