Aspen GDOT

Improve margins and achieve sustainability objectives by integrating planning, scheduling and advanced process control in closed loop.

Decades of Success with Dynamic Real Time Optimization Across Multiple Process Units, Powered by Industrial AI

Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce CO2 Emissions

Adopted by leading refining and olefins companies to improve energy efficiency and optimize entire hydrogen, fuel-gas and steam networks. 

Adapt Models Automatically in Closed Loop

Keep models up-to-date continuously with patented dynamic data reconciliation technology that lowers model maintenance requirements. 

Optimize Complex Units with AI-Driven Model Templates

Combine AI with first principles and domain expertise for robust unit optimization and faster time to value.

Single Version of the Truth for Planning and Online Optimization

Share common models, flowsheet environment and data with planning and APC to closely align economic objectives and enable greater agility. 

Award: Best Digital Technology of the Year

Aspen GDOT was recognized for its successful track record of delivering significant improvements in margin and energy efficiency for nearly two decades through closed loop, multi-unit dynamic optimization. Our innovative technology enables planning, scheduling and APC layers to work, adapt and optimize together to close the existing gap between these layers.

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Award: Best Automation Technology

Aspen GDOT was recognized as the leading multi-unit dynamic optimization solution that helps accelerate sustainability goals and achieve new levels of operational excellence by aligning planning and actual operations in closed loop. Advancements that combine the power of machine learning with a first principles foundation through fit-for-purpose Hybrid Models were cited. These AI-powered models can optimize complex process units like FCCs online, across a wider operating range and adapt instantaneously to changing economics.

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