Tech Summit 2020: AspenTech Charts a Course for the Future

Tech Summit 2020: AspenTech Charts a Course for the Future

January 29, 2020

Last week, more than 200 members of AspenTech’s global engineering, research and development, product management and executive teams came together to present their ideas for the future of AspenTech’s solutions and technology.


Dubbed Tech Summit 2020, this gathering had an eye on the challenges of our customers — not only over the next year or product release cycle, but also over the foreseeable future — and teams were tasked with charting how artificial intelligence (AI) can help our customers on their journeys of digital transformation. A number of academics, industry leaders and experts across a range of tech disciplines also attended to lend their expertise, opinions and support to the effort.


A feeling of excitement flowed through all aspects of the gathering. Small, multi-disciplinary teams had worked for months designing solutions to improve existing AspenTech solutions and solve specific customer problems, and Tech Summit 2020 was their chance to unveil their ideas. Attendees then voted on the best, and the top three vote-getters had the opportunity to present their proposals to a panel of AspenTech executives for evaluation, feedback and ultimately support for incorporation into future products. Competition was fierce!


Attendees remarked over and over again that Tech Summit 2020 provided them with the important chance to meet their colleagues face-to-face, collaborate and fine-tune their ideas. They said that after months of planning, brainstorming, iteration and refinement, they were excited to finally articulate their thoughts on how to adapt AspenTech solutions to take advantage of the technologies that are shaping the future of the world on a continuous basis. AI and machine learning were big topics, but so were the industrial internet of things (IIoT), cloud technology, big data, quantum computing and cognitive computing.



While only a few ideas were selected to be presented at the conclusion of the event, the wider goal was for participants to step out of their day-to-day roles and look more comprehensively at the future of AspenTech solutions and how new applications and iterations could fuel innovation within our teams.


That innovation was on front-and-center throughout Tech Summit 2020. This was a great example of how AspenTech is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern technology to solve the ever-evolving challenges our customers face.



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