AspenTech OSI Energy Management System™

Transformative solution suite to balance the transport of power on the transmission grid through reliable real-time operations while enabling renewable integration.

Increase Resilience and Reliability while Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition


Flexible, modular architecture supports system growth and advanced renewable management.


Feature rich solution with global install base balancing country-level bulk electric.

Modern Platform

Aligned with open IT standards, enabling enterprise integration across utility applications.

Leading Cybersecurity Posture

Best-in-class tools enable compliance with industry regulations.
Transmission Management Systems

This powerful security monitoring and analysis environment for transmission operators delivers:

  • Efficient and holistic monitoring of complex transmission networks
  • Intelligent and reliable security analysis tools to avert, mitigate and cope with system emergencies
  • An operator training simulator covering a full spectrum of system events, emergencies and restoration techniques 

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