AspenTech OSI Advanced Distribution Management System™ (ADMS)

Integrated solution suite for active management of distribution grids including advanced applications, outage management and distributed energy resource management.

Ensure Safe and Compliant Services while Improving Complex Fluid Pipeline Operations

Advanced Distribution Management

Real-time network topology and power flow coupled with robust visualization and study mode across all functionality.

Outage Management

Highly-scalable and easily-configurable solution enabling efficient job and crew management, mobile communication and reporting.

Operator Training Simulator

Enable hands-on experience with events and scenarios ranging from switching, system faults, overloads, storm operations and more.

Switch Order Management

Conduct study, simulation and pre-operational checks fully integrated with SCADA, DMS and OMS.
Advanced Distribution Management Systems
Electrical distribution system operators face an increasing set of demands and expectations from customers, regulators and public officials to improve safety, reliability and efficiency of the distribution system while providing timely and reliable data about power system conditions and power outages.

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