2020: Where Industrial Work Experience Falters, Technology Steps Up

December 23, 2019
The global workforce is undergoing a dramatic shift. Faced with a strategic need to embrace digitalization, experienced workers retiring in large numbers, and emerging technologies such as AI, many companies need to reconfigure traditional jobs and think about reskilling their workers. 

According to Accenture research, 46% of corporate leaders think traditional job descriptions are obsolete, and 29% say they have reconfigured jobs “extensively.”

Fortunately, in many cases technology can help organizations capture knowledge and develop crucial skills across their teams. Here are some examples: 

Intuitive User Experience

New workers entering the workforce are more comfortable with digital technologies and have less time to onboard and become productive in their roles. Intuitive workflows and easy-to-navigate user interfaces in software applications can accelerate their foundational knowledge without depending on expert users to onboard these new workers.

Cognitive Guidance 

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are increasingly being integrated into digital technologies, resulting in autonomous systems that provide actionable insights based on analysis of system data. AI capabilities will be instrumental in providing cognitive guidance to workers as they move into new or reconfigured roles. For example, AI-enabled software applications could learn by analyzing historical profitable plans and guide less-experienced planners by validating plans and providing decision-making support throughout the planning process.  

On-Demand Learning

New workers need answers and information quickly as they build expertise and solve engineering and operational problems. On-demand access to bite-sized, easily consumable eLearning and digital learning content accelerates onboarding, increases on-the-job proficiency for all workers, and results in a more efficient and productive workforce. 

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