Aspen Echos™

Advanced seismic processing and imaging to condition data for depth imaging, seismic characterization and interpretation, and pore pressure prediction projects.

The Industry Benchmark for Seismic Data Processing and Analysis

Flexible and Customizable

A modular design, open architecture and adherence to standards enable companies to configure the system to their business objectives and user requirements.

Innovation in Seismic Data Analysis

State-of-the-art seismic processing and imaging solutions, including SRMA, 5D interpolation and Aspen Echos RTM.

Advanced Geophysical Applications

A comprehensive library of nearly 350 modules enabling the construction of data- dependent processing workflows to solve modern geophysical challenges.

High Efficiency and Interactivity

A highly efficient parallel framework and infrastructure for cluster (HPC) optimization, and the industry's best interactive link between seismic applications, parameters and data. 

Aspen Echos is the oil and gas industry’s benchmark seismic processing system for generating 2D and 3D seismic images of the subsurface. It provides a wide breadth of geophysical applications, leading-edge geophysics, transparent blending of batch interactive processing, architecture for computation parallelization and a versatile programming development kit for client customization. 

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