Digital Grid Management

Achieve superior real-time control and optimization of complex energy networks.

Real-time monitoring, control and resource optimization for exceptional performance of your power grid, integrating of renewables while maintaining high reliability.

Generation Management System

Allow power producers to participate in their regional market operations and optimize their power generation mix towards defined goals efficiently and reliably.

Energy Management System

Enable operators to holistically monitor the complex transmission network with reliable security analysis tools to avert and cope with emergencies, preparing them to handle potential system issues and equipment failures.

Advanced Distribution Management System

Our Distribution Management System (DMS), Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) and Outage Management System (OMS) improve safety, reliability and efficiency with timely and reliable data about conditions and outages.

SCADA and Historian

AspenTech OSI SCADA offers real-time monitoring and control for electric utilities of varying sizes. AspenTech OSI CHRONUS Historian handles data collection, archiving and queries of massive real-time data sets on a fully scalable platform. 
Whats new in V14
Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.

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