Emerson Exchange 2019

Getting Ready to ‘Tune In’ at Emerson Exchange

September 17, 2019

For the second year in a row, AspenTech is gearing up to attend Emerson Exchange. We’ll be in Nashville, TN all next week for a comprehensive and integrated gathering of automation vision, technology and applications experience – created for users, by users. This event provides attendees the opportunity to see what other professionals are achieving by implementing new technologies, as well as the chance to learn how to follow their recipes for success.

Steve Williams, AspenTech’s Vice President of Product Management, Manufacturing Supply Chain will present with Patrick Truesdale, Emerson’s Principal Consultant, Oil and Gas Industry Solutions. Their session, The Right Foundation and Business Intelligence Delivers Value, offers insight on how refineries can extend upstream to capitalize on opportunity crudes as well as on to chemicals operations downstream. You can catch the presentation on either Tuesday or Thursday morning.

As the industry moves towards a more integrated and dynamic supply chain and embraces oil to chemicals, Emerson and AspenTech equip enterprises to monitor vast networks of assets to enable informed decisions that ensure optimum (and more profitable) operations. With Emerson’s domain expertise in hardware, instrumentation and control and AspenTech’s experience as a leading supply chain optimization provider, our partnership delivers real, differentiated business value.

In addition, AspenTech Director of Product Management Alex Kalafatis will participate in the ‘Meet the Expert’ panel discussions for advanced process control (APC). He and Emerson staff will share best practices in implementing APC systems, as well as guidance on building a business case for investing in this technology. We are excited to have two of our thought leaders featured in such a fantastic event. 

This year’s conference theme, “Tune In,” reflects the many opportunities to learn, grow and share during the event. Discover how others are progressing along the journey to the Digital Enterprise and consider how different adjustments to your organization’s tools, strategies and processes can bring planning and operations into harmony. Emerson Exchange is not all work – the event includes plenty of time for fun aligned with the conference theme, such as an evening out at a local dance hall and the annual music jam. 

AspenTech will be in booth 57, where you can explore our APC, performance management and dynamic optimization solutions. You can also connect with our team in Emerson’s Simulation area and in the Control & Operator Performance area – we’d love to give you more details on how our alliance and collaboration with Emerson can help you reach your business goals.

We hope you’ll decide ‘Tune In’ with us at Emerson Exchange next week. If you haven’t registered already, sign up now to join us September 23 – 27 in Nashville, TN. 

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