The Paradigm of Industrial AI: Use Cases Are Delivering Business Value

In our latest AI series blog, we look at how Industrial AI is shaping digitalization strategies and explore use cases that are propelling AI adoption in the industrial sector.


Blacks Swans and Gray Rhinos: Building Future Resilience

As all companies have been challenged by the current economic and health crisis, the successful recovery requires a new view toward future development and growth with metrics that consider broad and more long-term goals. Featured in Hydrocarbon Processing, AspenTech’s Paige Morse shares considerations for building future resiliency that center around digitalization.


How Digitalization and Industrial AI are Accelerating Sustainability

The 2015 Paris Agreement and other international climate change accords have helped raise global awareness of the need for countries to take urgent action to combat climate change. As companies continue to focus on sustainability, a common theme is taking shape around the role of digitalization as a key enabler. In fact, a recent ARC Advisory Group survey revealed that 75% of respondents rated digital transformation as highly important for achieving sustainability goals.




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Analyzing Hydrate Inhibition in Aspen HYSYS

Methanol is a powerful hydrate inhibitor, but adding the correct amount requires knowledge of hydrate formation and inhibition. Aspen HYSYS, you can rely on the accuracy of the Cubic Plus Association (CPA) Equation of State (EOS) for completing calculations around hydrate inhibition and methanol partitioning. Start your 1-day online trial today to take a guided tour and try out the new accuracy of the hydrate inhibition stream analysis tool.

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Using Aspen HYSYS Upstream for Sizing and Scheduling of Gathering Systems

На этом вебинаре специалисты AspenTech продемонстрируют на примере компании Process Ecology, как, используя Aspen HYSYS, провести расчет и подобрать наиболее оптимальную конфигурацию трубопроводов газосборной сети с учетом большого числа технологических ограничений.

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Optimize Pipeline Flow and Uptime with Pipe Flow Hydraulic Analysis in Aspen HYSYS®

Aspen HYSYS® Hydraulics for pipeline network modeling allows engineers to analyze flow assurance risks and integrate analysis with process models to optimize from the wellhead through the process facility. This technical webinar will be focused on introducing new users to pipe flow hydraulic analysis. Learn how you can gain pipeline hydraulic insights with an intuitive setup that is powerful, advanced and integrated.

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People, Planet, Profits: Digital Strategies for a Circular Economy

While most chemical companies have sustainability initiatives in place with varying reliance on digital technologies to achieve these goals, challenges remain. What are the key enablers to eliminate emissions and waste, extend material use and regenerate natural systems? How do new innovations accelerate this effort?

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Challenges and Opportunities of the Circular Economy

Sustainability remains top-of-mind for most executives as they work to balance environmental concerns with business performance. Digital solutions have emerged as a key enabler to help companies make progress toward their sustainability goals.

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