Aspen Unified™ for Refinery Planning and Scheduling

The next generation of our production optimization solution makes planning and scheduling faster and easier.

Collaborative and Intuitive Environment Increases Margins up to 10%

Close the Gap Between Plan and Actual

Completely redesigned to be more intuitive for all users, streamlining and automating many routine tasks like price sensitivity analysis to save time.

Boost Production Agility and Responsiveness

Run the plant to its limits with a more accurate view of current process conditions and constraints by linking the plan and schedule with live plant data.

Simplified, Web-Based User Experience

Build and maintain models easily, in the cloud and on any device, with common data between planning, scheduling and dynamic optimization.

Automate Routine Work Tasks

Leverage automation for routine work, saving hundreds of staff hours per year.


Aspen Unified PIMS

Aspen Unified PIMS™

Improve responsiveness and agility with the most trusted production planning software.

Aspen Unified Scheduling

Aspen Unified Scheduling™

Next-generation scheduling solution with streamlined and automated workflows to increase margins and save time.

Aspen Unified Multisite for PIMS

Aspen Unified Multisite for PIMS™

Optimize your petroleum value chain across all assets in a region to improve gross margin.

Aspen GDOT

Aspen GDOT™