Aspen Virtual Advisor (AVA) for DMC3™

Generate additional value by improving user understanding of and interactions with Aspen DMC3™ controllers.

Enable Operators and Engineers to Make the Best Control Decisions

Augmented Intelligence

Enhance decision making by augmenting operator knowledge with insights into Aspen DMC3’s closed-loop relationships.

Improved Operator Acceptance and Controller Uptime

Build trust with ranked recommendations based on well-established operational practices and economic impact.

Recommends Control Actions in Seconds

Save time by avoiding manual, exhaustive trial and error analysis that may take hours.

Powerful Training Tool

AVA's insights help operators and engineers extract Aspen DMC3’s full potential to achieve and maintain the process optimum.

In today’s volatile environment, companies must operate with agility to meet market demand, maximize margins and reduce energy consumption. Aspen DMC3 helps companies achieve and sustain:

  • 2-5% improvement in throughput
  • 3% increase in yield
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption
  • >50% reduction in product quality standard deviation

Learn more about next-generation adaptive process control technology.

Whats new in V14
Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.


Aspen DMC3

Aspen DMC3™

Closed-Loopでの最適制御運転とプラントテストを同時に実行が可能なAdaptive Technology(特許所得済み)により高度制御導入にかかる時間の短縮化とメンテナンス作業の簡易化を実現

Aspen Inferential Qualities™


Aspen Watch Performance Monitor™


Aspen GDOT

Aspen GDOT™


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