aspenONE® Asset Performance Management (APM)

Drive uptime with actionable insights from models and machine learning

The Science of Maintenance

Get accurate failure alerts weeks or months in advance with real-time data and predictive analytics.

A Multi-Level Approach

Leverage the combination of prescriptive maintenance, root cause analysis, RAM analysis and more to address issues at the equipment, process and system levels.

Rapid Time to Value

Quickly deploy automated Asset Performance Management solutions through low-touch machine learning to predict asset failures and reduce downtime — plant-wide, system-wide or across multiple locations.

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“Improving reliability positively impacts a wide range of issues, from reducing current maintenance costs to planning for abnormal process conditions, avoiding emergency or unplanned shutdowns and successfully managing unpredictable feed and demands. Saras expects to achieve savings from this initiative, which is part of an important digitalization project.” 

- Alessandro Zucca, Digital Platform Manager, Operations and Assets, Saras

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Driving Operational Excellence through Digitalization: An Interview with AspenTech CEO Antonio Pietri

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From Reactive to Proactive: Machine Learning Drives Better Business Outcomes

From Reactive to Proactive: Machine Learning Drives Better Business Outcomes

A specialty plastics plant needed a solution to reduce downtime on a problematic hypercompressor in their LDPE production process.

Case Study
Process Breakdown

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Aspen Fidelis Video: How to Improve Decision Making Across Asset Lifecycle

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Landing page image

Machine Learning Signals the End of Unplanned Hyper Compressor Downtime

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Application Video

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エンジニアリングとオペレーションの課題を解決するためのAspenTech製品の簡単なデモをお探しですか? AspenTechのエキスパートが作成したショートビデオを御覧ください。主要なソリューションを網羅しております。

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AspenTech製品を複雑なプロセスエンジニアリングおよびオペレーション上の問題に適用するためのアスペン自習型eラーニングはこちらから。 AspenTechのエキスパートによって作成された包括的なeラーニングコースで、すべての主要なソリューションを自習形式で学ぶことができます。

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