Worried About Compressor Surge? There’s a Solution for That

Worried About Compressor Surge? There’s a Solution for That

October 16, 2018

Compressors, generally used to increase the pressure of a gas, are an integral part of many production processes in the oil and gas, energy and chemicals industries. They are highly specific to each process for which they are designed. As a result, they are mostly custom-manufactured, expensive and difficult to replace.

Compressors operate with very fast dynamics, and even a slight disturbance to a process’s steady state could lead to a compressor surge, which is the point at which a centrifugal compressor cannot add enough energy to overcome the system’s backpressure. A compressor surge can lead to the unit malfunctioning, including rapid flow reversals and changes in axial thrust, high vibration and damage to rotor seals and bearings, which could necessitate equipment replacement. Additionally, surge is dangerous for individuals working near the compressor and can lead to a process becoming hazardous, especially if process gas is released to the surrounding atmosphere.

To combat compressor surge, specialized control systems are designed and implemented into processes. Control systems are enacted to maintain fluid flow to the compressor, which keeps the unit from surging.


Activated Dynamics Offers an Easy-to-Use Solution

Predicting which process conditions will cause the compressor unit to surge — and designing the subsequent control scheme — is a challenging, involved task. Activated Dynamics in Aspen HYSYS® allows users to get started earlier with dynamic analysis of compressor operation to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Activated Dynamics enables users to easily transition from steady-state models to dynamic models, to better address costly compressor upset and failure. Pre-made templates (with an option to create custom templates) allow users to configure dynamic compressor subflowsheets with one click, including all the necessary equipment and control schemes. Pre-made scenarios and results forms are also automatically generated after converting an existing steady state case to reduce model setup even further. Activated Dynamics provides support for cases involving one-, two- or three-stage compressor systems.

We have a unique opportunity coming up for you to learn from AspenTech experts how, without much expertise, you can leverage these advanced capabilities to predict surge conditions for your compressors. Register for our webinar on this topic to get started with Activated Dynamics!

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