Aspen Mtell Recognized as “Best Digital Technology of the Year”

October 30, 2023

Thanks to the growing number of forward-looking companies embracing the digital era in maintenance, AspenTech is pleased to announce that Aspen Mtell® has received the “Best Digital Technology of the Year” award from the Latin American Refining Technology Conference. AspenTech was recognized during the 2nd annual “Awards of Excellence” ceremony which celebrates notable achievements throughout the Latin American downstream industry.

Aspen Mtell is a user friendly, highly flexible and data driven prescriptive maintenance solution that helps maintain a wide range of manufacturing equipment across many industries in top shape. It provides real-time insights, predicts equipment issues in advance and provides clear guidance on next steps. Other key benefits include: 

  • Less Money Spent on Maintenance: Last-minute fixes and failures are proactively remedied. Equipment troubles can be spotted and stopped early, which means lower repair bills. 
  • Smoother Operations: It's about making work easier. By catching problems early, Aspen Mtell keeps operations running smoothly. That means more work gets done and performance is greatly enhanced. 

AspenTech is committed to listening to customer feedback and delivering the innovations they need. Our Voice of the Customer program was built to gather, analyze and leverage customer feedback and insights to improve products, services and overall customer experiences. The primary goal of our VoC program is to gain a better understanding of customer needs, preferences and expectations, which allows us to make data-driven decisions and enhancements. Within the past 18 months this program has accelerated multiple capabilities to benefit our customers. 

We want to say a big thank you to all our customers. Your trust and support have played a central role in this honor and we're proud to partner on this journey.

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