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Eliminating Equipment Downtime and Driving Process Improvements

November 05, 2020

This is the final blog in our three-part series on Digitalization and the Food & Beverage Industry. For those who may have missed either of the previous blogs, in blog one we discussed the need for manufacturers to step up the pace of their digitalization transformation, while blog two looked at the important role predictive maintenance can play in helping food and beverage manufacturers improve production quality and reduce unplanned downtime. 

The focus of part three: how asset performance management (APM) and products like Aspen ProMV, our multivariate analysis tool that identifies hidden variables which can inhibit your process, are able to help businesses increase overall product quality, yields and throughput. In fact, we have seen clients’ overall yields increase by up to 20% with a reduction in batch cycle times by up to 30%.

Aspen ProMV includes two parts, the offline and online mode. In the offline mode historical data is fed into the multivariate analysis tool along with qualified processing parameters to help create an ideal process model as a starting point for the online application. Thereafter, real-time data are continuously fed through the predictive intelligence model where hundreds of process variables are analyzed. This delivers alerts to users so they can efficiently navigate unnecessary disruptions during processing. These live alerts notify operators of process drift and needed corrective actions. 


From Eliminating Equipment Downtime to Driving Process Improvement

As a relevant example use case, Aspen ProMV can be especially valuable as it relates to manpower fluctuations of an aging workforce. Thanks to Aspen ProMV’s ability to identify optimal historical run patterns, the guess work is eliminated for secondary operators and processing continues running seamlessly on-site and with remote access for management.

However, Aspen ProMV can be utilized in a variety of applications such as batch processing, product development, incoming raw material quality decision making, real-time quality prediction or overall process trouble shooting. Plus, a unique “Optimizer” feature allows for additional quantitative definition to zone in on process changes that will more quickly yield a desired outcome. In any use case, Aspen ProMV unlocks the root cause variables to identify the “needle in the haystack” so you can gain valuable data insights undetectable to the human eye to optimize your process. 


Digitalization – New Opportunities by Embracing a Smart Enterprise

In some cases, technology has been confused by adding additional hardware instead of fully leveraging the power of unique software applications. Embracing digitalization doesn’t mean replacing humans but rather it allows humans to more efficiently contribute to their organizations. It allows them to spend more time acting on insights vs. trying to understand or create them. 

My focus has been a path forward utilizing one APM tool in particular, Aspen ProMV, to help maintain your operation and drive uptime with actionable insights. However, there’s a much broader holistic approach to consider when thinking about your digitalization Just imagine a scenario where everyone who influences your process agrees on the best course of action based on facts vs. assumptions. By tapping into an expert partner like AspenTech we can show you how our proven technology can unlock this incremental value for your organization.  strategy. It’s one that maximizes performance engineering, production optimization and asset performance management to balance supply and demand across your enterprise value chain for superior results.  

Considering all the factors of your operation together we can unlock the best digital value proposition for your organization. With 40 years of experience working with capital-intensive industrial clients, AspenTech is the untapped market leader to help the Food and Beverage industry embrace its digitalization journey. We can assist you with our market leading time to value products to quickly create and deliver a unique digital strategy in months vs. years. 

Now is the time for action to leverage our award-winning digital tools and move your organization toward a “self-optimizing” enterprise.  Let’s get started today!


For more information, watch the video Process Manufacturing with AspenProMV.



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