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Bringing the Power of Digitalization to Process Engineering

Benefits of Activated Datasheets

December 27, 2021

You have likely heard about the benefits and advantages of bringing digitalization into the engineering work process. At this point, it is hopefully clear digitalization helps drive efficiency and improves engineering processes by increasing the overall performance of the team while maintaining sustainability and profitability benchmarks.

With such an important focus on sustainability projects, engineers are tasked with adjusting the process, so emission and energy consumption goals are met. From equipment redesign to safety system validations. How can digitalization help the organization in this case?

Here is where Activated Datasheets come into play. Activated Datasheets is a direct connection inside the industry leading process simulators Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus®, with the powerful data management solutions of Aspen Basic Engineering™.

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Activated Datasheets allow engineers to seamlessly transfer new operating data from unit operations into an integrated database and thus generate a new datasheet for the equipment –all without having to leave the simulation. This greatly enhances the document revision process, as any changes that are applied to the simulation are consistently transferred into the datasheets, accelerating the data flow between the draft, submitted, checked & issued states and making the data available for all relevant parties that participate.

Activated Datasheets are also an integral part of safety analyses; keeping organized documentation when creating a new safety PRD (Pressure Relief Device) system or rating the existing instrumentation to be effective for sustainable conditions and prevent risks from design flaws.

Both Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus provide a dedicated environment to fulfill the PRD design and rating needs. This environment is now integrated with ABE’s activated datasheets, helping engineers always maintain safety documentation in check, either generating new datasheets or readjusting the documentation for new operating data.

Activated datasheets can automatically recognize all the emergency scenarios that have been evaluated in a PRD and generate the relevant reports for each of them. Sizing equations and composition data are also documented to assist validating the tool’s calculations.


“With PSV Datasheets we help companies to generate their required documentation more efficiently and consistently across their organizations, standardizing datasheet development and management according to their needs. We empower everyone to use this tool with a user-friendly environment to create datasheets quickly and easily."

– Erika Belmont, Sr Product Management Specialist, ENG

Activated datasheets are a great and simple way to accelerate digitalization into the process side of a project, which will greatly benefit the organization on the later stages, with a seamless handover using ABE, and helping all stakeholders participate in decision making.

To explore more of the benefits of digital transformation with ABE in the engineering workflow and change management, explore our previous post, “Change Management is as Easy as A-B-E.

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