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New managed hosting partnerships offer high performance, dependable remote access

December 11, 2020

Aspen Technology has partnered with leading technology providers to accelerate industrial adoption of cloud services for its market-leading performance engineering and petroleum supply chain product suites. Through a strategic managed hosting services (MHS) partnership, certified partners will be able to deliver AspenTech’s performance engineering and petroleum supply chain solutions through the cloud. This strategy allows industrial organizations to gain high-performance, dependable remote access to their mission-critical applications, increase compute flexibility and performance for more accurate decision-making faster and accelerate time-to-value from new product innovations.


Access AspenTech Apps on Managed Hosting Services

Authorized MHS partners will support certain AspenTech applications in a hosted and managed cloud infrastructure across a wide range of services, including cloud hosting, managed application services, support and additional services, such as model validation and consulting.



MHS partners offer support for products including Aspen HYSYS®, Aspen Plus®, Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating,® Aspen PIMS-AO™, Aspen Multi-Blend Optimizer™ and Aspen Petroleum Scheduler™. 

These partnerships offer customers a number of important benefits, including enhanced user experience, increased operational agility and higher margins. 


Accelerate Time to Value

The MHS-enabled solution ensures that teams have high-performance remote access to mission-critical operational applications increases productivity. In addition, providing consistency in software across users/sites and access to the most current and up-to-date software versions allows users to take advantage of the latest innovations and application enhancements.


Boost Operational Agility 

Increased need for business agility and continuity is driving organizations to turn to remote accessibility for application management. The MHS solution offers increased flexibility in how and where applications are run, hosted and managed. The power of scalable, extensible and modular cloud infrastructure allows industrial companies to focus on their business goals and core competencies while a dedicated pool of skilled resources perform cloud-based upgrades and manage the applications and underlying infrastructure.


Increase Margins with Better Operational Decisions 

Uncertain, volatile market conditions call for accurate, agile and timely business decisions. All too often in the current reality of global industrial organizations, resource constraints and distributed information lengthen time-to-insight when companies most need intelligence around complex, large sets of valuation scenarios. Employee safety is another rising concern. 

Next-generation cloud infrastructure provides compute flexibility and performance gains for more accurate, faster decision-making as well as on-demand, elastic processing resources. The high-performant cloud environment provides increased capabilities to quickly handle a greater number of valuation cases and scenarios, allowing industrial companies to confidently make the best operational decisions. 


Learn from Customer Success Stories

Several Tier-1 industrial customers participating in the MHS program are seeing significant benefits in having their mission-critical AspenTech applications being hosted and managed in a robust cloud infrastructure. Here are a few examples of the value these companies have realized from managed hosting partnerships.

Upgrades across one global supermajor’s planning & scheduling applications cost $500,000 per site. Installation nuances of each site add complexity, along with distinct, non-standard ecosystem integrations and complicated compatibility testing procedures. Managed application services helped the organization overcome the challenges of software upgrades and maintenance and accelerate time-to-value.

One large, global integrated complex customer saw an 8x performance gain by moving to managed cloud services. A typical large refinery evaluated 4 sets of 200+ cases in just 30 minutes in the cloud, compared to 4 hours on a local desktop. Across sites, the customer achieved 5-20 times faster processing and faster execution of valuation cases and scenarios, which could potentially deliver up to $10 million USD per year.


We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers greater insight and flexibility through our latest partnerships. For more information, visit our partner page.



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