Easy Perform Dynamic Compressor Surge Analysis.

Activated Dynamics in Aspen HYSYS® enables users to quickly create dynamic models by encapsulating expert knowledge and automating the transition from steady-state to dynamic.
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Achieve compliance with greater speed and ease.

Visit our NEW Aspen HYSYS Resource Center! Aspen HYSYS incorporates the most up-to-date industry standards into software calculations to help companies achieve safety compliance while doing so quickly and accurately.This resource center will help new and experienced engineers discover the full power of Aspen HYSYS, the most trusted process modeling software for the energy industry.

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Easily perform dynamic analysis for safer designs.

Modeling of compressor operations used to require a high-level of dynamic simulation experience. Now, Activated Dynamics makes dynamic analysis faster and easier, enabling more accessibility to users of all levels of expertise, leading to safer designs and reduced maintenance costs.

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Convert steady-state models with easy-to-use pre-made dynamic subflowsheet templates.

You can easily convert steady-state compressor models to dynamic models to analyze compressor operation dynamics using three pre-made templates of the dynamic subflowsheet. There is also an option to use a custom template.

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Examine the most frequently analyzed non-steady-state scenarios.

Leverage four pre-made scenarios: Shutdown, Emergency Shutdown, Total Power Loss, and Discharge Valve Failure for faster dynamic compressor operation analysis. You can also create custom scenarios in the Event Scheduler.

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See the results forms open automatically

Visualize compressor behavior with pre-configured stripcharts and operating curves that open automatically. You can also configure your own results forms.

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Improve operability near the surge region.

Aspen HYSYS Dynamics provides an improved way of modeling compressor operation near the surge region by giving the user an option to input cubic compressor curves. 


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Get up to speed faster with E-Learning modules.

Learn about product features and workflows or refine skills on advanced topics with video tutorials and Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses. CBT courses provide a structured learning path with an interactive and rich learning experience.