Aspen InfoPlus.21®

Unlock information and create value through a flexible, comprehensive data foundation.

Learn how Aspen InfoPlus.21 can allow your organization to monitor, visualize and analyze plant operations and process data in real-time to identify problems, their causes and improvement opportunities.

Aspen InfoPlus.21 provides:

  • Flexible, scalable infrastructure that enables data collection from multiple sources, including automation and control systems, ERP systems, other historians and third-party applications.
  • Real-time traceability from multiple sources that enables companies to identify bottlenecks and take immediate action to improve performance.
  • Robust platform for advanced analytics by supplying raw process data for applications to perform sophisticated calculations in near real-time.

Aspen InfoPlus.21®

Why we collect this data


Aspen InfoPlus.21® Datasheet

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