Cabot Improves Quality by 30% with Aspen InfoPlus.21®

Cabot, a global specialty chemicals company, operates 39 manufacturing plants across 19 countries. Globalization brought improvement opportunities including sharing production recipes and providing visibility of production metrics across sites.

Rapid and accurate integration of plant data with their connected enterprise systems was needed to facilitate better decisions, and a robust manufacturing execution system (MES) was required to drive improved product quality. Cabot selected Aspen InfoPlus.21 data historian as the key to its MES to integrate and visualize industrial data across all production sites. Aspen InfoPlus.21 would also serve as the foundation for future aspenONE® solutions and continuous improvement projects such as advanced process control, plant operations and scheduling and environmental reporting.

Read this case study to learn more.

Cabot Improves Quality by 30% with Aspen InfoPlus.21®

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Cabot Improves Quality by 30% and Reduces Variability with Aspen InfoPlus.21

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