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The Five-Step AIoT Guide to OPTIMIZE 2021

Vision, Demos and Customer Stories

June 02, 2021

As AspenTech’s OPTIMIZE 2021 conference, the premier global event for operational executives and digital leaders within capital-intensive industries, wraps up – we have captured the key highlights and takeaways from the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) team to help you navigate through the recorded sessions to learn more about how to leverage Industrial AI in your organization. Please note that all these recorded sessions will only be available on-demand until June 30th, 2021.


Step 1: Build an AIoT Vision and Strategy for the Future 



To get started, we recommend viewing the session by SVP & GM of AIoT Solutions, Bill Scudder - Unlock the Industry of the Future When AI Meets IoT: Get Your AIoT Strategy Right. Bill explains the confluence of AI and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and describes how it accelerates the digitalization journey across industries. He describes the next generation of Industrial AI applications and explains how they will interpret, and often predict, using deep analytics and machine learning techniques, transforming industrial data into business outcomes. In this session, Bill also discusses the impact of technologies such as 5G, Industrial AI, big data, intelligent edge, smart machines, and robotics. He also shares an AIoT vision for the future – underpinned by the award-winning Aspen AIoT Hub™. To get the gist of this presentation, check out our blog article as well.


Step 2: Outline your AIoT Solution Architecture