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Aspen AIoT Hub Recognized with 2021 Artificial Intelligence Award

Cloud-Ready Industrial AI Infrastructure Receives AI Excellence Award

March 29, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Aspen AIoT Hub™ has earned a 2021 Artificial Intelligence Award from the Business Intelligence Group. We have been recognized specifically as a top Intelligent Control product, and for our promise to deliver on the vision of the Self-Optimizing Plant in the Industry 4.0 era.

Industrial AI is the single biggest disruptor accelerating the digital transformation of capital-intensive industries. However, implementation across an industrial organization is more challenging than one might assume – many manufacturing plants have siloed AI expertise with minimal collaboration across the enterprise, particularly between data scientists, IT, OT and domain experts. 

This award highlights the Aspen AIoT Hub’s ability to address industrial-specific needs by accelerating the time to value, allowing organizations to unlock the full potential of their industrial data through convergence, and maximizing RoI from their Industrial AI strategy - by combining data science and AI with software and domain expertise. This enables enterprises to deliver comprehensive business outcomes that specifically identify and address the domain-specific problems, corporate objectives and strategic goals that Industrial AI can solve for the organization.

We’re incredibly proud of this recognition early in our AIoT solutions rollout (having launched in August of last year), in part because it validates the hard work from countless members of the team over the last several months – a time in which speed and precision were vital. 

Launching a new product and business unit is challenging in any climate, but the added complication of doing so amid a global pandemic is a tremendous hurdle to overcome. Not to mention, swiftly delivering an innovative and market-shaping solution for an industry facing immense disruption and change – not only due to the pandemic, but also market pressures to adapt to digital transformation, automation, workforce transitions and sustainability goals – is complex in and of itself. 

Industrial organizations are in the midst of a massive digitalization effort to modernize their processes and solutions – underpinned by their Industrial AI strategy. Companies that were far along in their digitalization journeys in early 2020 were able to quickly pivot during the pandemic, but those that weren’t really struggled to adapt while also facing unprecedented conditions, like major fluctuations in oil prices and disruptions to supply chains. This introduced new urgency to quickly develop and launch the Aspen AIoT Hub as a means to meet enterprises’ immediate needs, drive digital convergence across the organization, and future-proof their digital transformation strategies.

Through our team’s perseverance and our unique ability to leverage AspenTech’s decades of experience developing solutions for the industrial market - we delivered a cloud-ready, and built-for-purpose Industrial AI infrastructure that allows enterprises to unlock the immense value from its data assets to deliver actionable intelligence quickly and easily – across all stakeholders in the organization. 

Continue to check back here for updates as we strengthen our solutions and services through innovative initiatives that directly benefit capital-intensive industries. Read the press release here.



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