Optimize Hydrogen, Improve Margins with Dynamic Optimization

Hydrogen is an essential yet often limited resource for refiners, with demand increasing due to processing of renewable feedstocks. In addition, hydrogen production is very expensive, particularly with the recent rise in natural gas prices and the significant, costly CO2 emissions it generates. Now more than ever before, refiners need an effective way to manage the hydrogen supply-and-demand balance.

Join our experts to learn about a proven, real-time, closed-loop dynamic optimization solution that minimizes hydrogen losses, improves margins and reduces emissions. See how Aspen GDOT™ helps you:

  • Optimize hydrogen supply/demand across your refinery
  • Limit and even eliminate hydrogen losses to flare
  • Reduce hydrogen losses to the fuel-gas network
  • Cut CO2 emissions from steam reforming units

Optimize Hydrogen, Improve Margins with Dynamic Optimization

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