Better Blend Monitoring

If faced with inhomogeneous blends, manufacturers lose money and valuable time. Not to mention the possible risks of reblends and regulatory citations.


Join our PAT experts and special guest Doug Hausner, Ph.D. Senior Manager, Continuous Manufacturing at Thermo Fisher Scientific in a discussion on how new developments are providing quality assurance while enabling operational efficiencies in the mixing process.

View this on-demand webinar to:

  • Learn about the trends driving modernization, including advancements in in-line measurement technologies, instruments, and reporting.
  • Discover improved methods for quality assurance and compliance and reduce risks of regulatory warnings and citations.
  • Get an introduction to the Camo PAT solution to monitor blend composition as well as individual components and real-time endpoint detection in your mixing operation.
  • Hear how Thermo Fisher Scientific enables better blend process control and continuous improvement through their process intensification program

Better Blend Monitoring

Why we collect this data


Better blend monitoring

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